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13 Photos of the Spookiest Village in Ontario!

Monsters have invaded a small town near Toronto!

Elora is a small village about an hour's drive from Toronto. It is charming, tranquil, quaint and picturesque, but every October has a rather frightful infestation problem!

Take a look at these photographs captured by Ryan Joyce.

Monster Month Photos

October is here, but you don't need to wait until Halloween night to see dozens of ghouls and goblins! Monster Month in Elora, Ontario, is a month-long celebration of all things frightful!

Over eighty lantern monsters hang throughout the village ranging from tiny creatures to massive displays. These festive glowing monsters are part of Tim Murton's Twilight Zoo and the central focus of thirty-one days of Halloween and community events throughout Centre Wellington.

Our magic festival is thrilled to be part of the line-up of events during Monster Month. Check out our events here!

Monster Month in Elora Gallery

Watch: MonsterMentary: The Story Behind Monster Month

See how Monster Month has grown into one of Centre Wellington's largest tourist attractions in this twenty-five-minute documentary:

Are you looking for ways to celebrate this Halloween? Check out our magic festival events in Elora & Fergus this October.

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