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What is Monster Month?

The village of Elora in the Township of Centre Wellington has become Ontario's #1 destination for Halloween. Ghosts, goblins and monsters lurk around every corner during October. Here are the ghastly details.

Halloween is one of the most mysterious times of the year!

It's a holiday filled with mysteries, monsters and stories of the dead. A little town near Toronto has been gaining international acclaim for it's month-long Halloween festival called Monster Month.

Just north of Guelph is the picturesque village of Elora. This tiny village has been titled "Ontario's Most Beautiful Village" and has become a hotspot where internationally acclaimed artists call home. One of those artists, Tim Murton started a tradition over a decade ago that takes Halloween to a whole new level.

It's has become a tradition for families across Ontario and now brings tens of thousands of people to the area.

Halloween lovers unite!

The popularity of the festival is expected to reach a whole new audience with the magical appearance of the OWOW Magic Festival which debuts in neighbouring Fergus and coincides with the Halloween celebrations.

How did Monster Month Begin?

This impressive collection of souls began two decades ago as Twilight Zoo created by Tim Murton. People began flocking from all across Ontario Originally started over a decade ago, the month-long festival began as a unique collection of lantern sculptures by renowned artist Tim Murton. The display of illuminated sculptures was titled Twilight Zoo.

Tim Murton has received world-acclaim for his art. He spent 18 years in the Toronto film industry, accumulating over 40 credits in feature films for his scenic and artistic work.

His work has been featured in art galleries and private collections around the world.

When is Monster Month?

Events run throughout October.

When is the Monster March in Elora?

Monster Month schedules events throughout the month of October. These events are often free and great ways to get the family out for a stunning weekend in one of Ontario's prettiest villages.

The highlight of Monster Month for many ghouls is the famed Monster March. It's a parade of hundreds of ghouls, ghosts, goblins and monsters that flock to the streets of Elora.

This year's Monster March takes place Saturday, October 26 at 6:30pm

There is also a huge Halloween Party happening at the Elora Legion, produced by the organizers of Riverfest!

Who organizes Monster Month?

The month-long festival is now produced by Sensational Elora who took over the Twilight Zoo from Tim Murton.

Sensational Elora is known for yearly events that feature music, art, drama, film, food scenery and architecture of historic Elora. During October, in addition to Monster Month activities, they also organize a series of events for your senses that run throughout the Thanksgiving Weekend.

For event schedule and to learn more about Sensational Elora visit their website.

Where is Elora Ontario?

Elora Ontario has been hailed as "Ontario's Most Beautiful Village"

The small picturesque village is rich with natural beauty, 80-ft limestone cliffs, and historic Tooth of Time, a tiny island in the middle of a stunning cascading waterfall.

Have you picked a Halloween Costume this Year?


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