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Monster Month: A Complete Visitor's Guide to Elora, Ontario [2022]

Few places in Canada celebrate Halloween quite like Elora, Ontario.

Monster Month is a month-long festival celebrating all things monster-related. You'll find unique outdoor lantern sculptures of monsters, ghosts, goblins and even a nine-metre-long Loch Ness Monster.

In the months before the launch of Monster Month, over 70 volunteers and participants do secret work repairing monsters for the start of Monster Month. These creatures are from the imagination of local artist Tim Murton.

Monster Month has become a big deal in Centre Wellington and draws thousands of visitors from across Ontario!

In this post, we'll cover everything you need to know about visiting Monster Month in Elora, accommodations, important information and resources for visitors for your best visit to "Ontario's Most Beautiful Village!"

Let's take a look!

During October, the quaint village of Elora transforms and comes alive with incredible sights, sounds, tastes and monsters. It's a festival that's grown into neighbouring Aboyne and the Town of Fergus, Ontario.

Halloween-themed events are everywhere in Centre Wellington!

We've assembled a comprehensive guide for hotels, dining, local attractions, and Monster Month essentials.

Here's what we'll cover: