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What is the OWOW Magic Festival?

The magicians are coming! Ontario Week of Wonder (OWOW) Magic Festival is a seven-day celebration of international magic, mentalism and illusion held downtown Fergus, Ontario. The festival runs the last week in October and coincides with Sensational Elora's Monster Month & National Magic Week Oct 24-31.

The Magicians are coming!

What to expect at OWOW Magic Festival 2019?

Magic will be all around Downtown Fergus October 24 - 31, 2019. During the day, magicians can be found performing magic close-up and table-side at select restaurants. There's also a big magic show for the family in the afternoon.

During the evening, see magicians table-side and stay for a whole evening of magic. Gala shows with a secret line-up of international stars of magic at the Fergus Grand Theatre followed by a secret after party for ticket holders.

Poof! Magician at the Fergus Grand Theatre, magicians everywhere.

In addition to events at OWOW Magic Festival for the general public, we're also hosting a magician convention with lectures, workshops and secret session for professional magicians happening behind closed doors.

Magicians click here for more information.


See magicians live!

Magic is supposed to be experienced with your own eyes! Come to Fergus Ontario for lunch or dinner during the OWOW Magic Festival you'll find magicians all around you. Get read to be dazzled!

magician springing cards from hand to hand
Magic flows along the Grand River at the 2019 OWOW Magic Festival

Table-side Magic

See magic performed close-up is exciting! Bring your friends and share the experience of a magic show literally unfolding in front of your eyes. Be amazed!! Magicians performing at select restaurants Downtown Fergus.

Live Shows at the Fergus Grand Theatre

Bring the family during the day and experience a family friendly show for all ages. See the big magic show, the OWOW Magic Festival and explore Sensational Elora's Monster Month events.

Late Night Events for ticket holders

Late night events are free for OWOW Magic Festival Gala Ticket holders. Magic social is an opportunity to have a few drinks with friends and magicians before the Interactive Close-Up Shows start. These late night shows are unique events exclusive to the festival. More details to follow.


Where is Fergus Ontario Canada

Where is Fergus?

Fergus Ontario is the largest community in the Township of Centre Wellington with neighbouring village, Elora. The area has earned national and international attention for its natural beauty and artist community.

Just one hour from Toronto

Centre Wellington Ontario is located a little over one hour from Toronto and 25 minutes north of Guelph.

Parking downtown Fergus

There are numerous parking options available downtown including along the streets and several parking lots on both sides of the river. Plenty of parking is available.

Have you seen a magician perform live? Tell us your story!


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