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Elora Magician Helps Conjure Historic Bid for Canadian Magicians

Canada is in final preparations to host the 28th FISM World Championship of Magic in Quebec City this July. One magician from Elora and a small team from Quebec have been working for nearly three decades to make the historic event a reality.

July 25-30, 2022, in Quebec City, over two thousand magicians will attend the world’s largest magician competition and convention known as the FISM World Championship of Magic.

FISM is Federation Internationale des Societes Magiques. It’s the highest governing body for over 80,000 magicians worldwide and has overseen the last twenty-seven magic championship competitions. These six-day events are presented in a different host city every three years. Since its founding in 1948, FISM has never appeared in North America or any western country.

Until 1997 and the Canadian Association of Magicians founding, Canadian magicians had no representation in the international magic competition. Now, all eyes are towards Canada to see what tricks Quebec City has up its sleeves.

Joan Caesar is the founder of the Canadian Association of Magicians
Joan Caesar is the founder of the Canadian Association of Magicians

“The Quebec co-organizers have a reputation for producing outstanding world-class magic events,” says Joan Caesar, a magician from Elora and founder of the Canadian Association of Magicians. “Their Festival De Magie De Quebec celebrates ten years during the 28th FISM World Championship– it’s going to be a week of magic like no other.”

Caesar is Past President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and stage manager for the close-up competition at the upcoming 28th Championship, and the driving force behind Canada’s entrance into FISM.

“In 2018, in Seoul, South Korea, when the FISM Board announced Canada won, the room erupted,” says Caesar. “It was a historic decision for Canada and Canadian magicians.”

The stage is nearly set, and over one hundred magician competitors are ready to compete for the world champion title. This July, Quebec City will welcome thousands of magicians and the world to the 28th FISM World Championship of Magic.

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