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Why Magicians Should Attend The OWOW Magic Festival

Sit across the table from the greatest minds in magic! Introducing your game-changing weekend of magic. ​This sensational weekend of mind-blowing magic is your opportunity to learn from the minds of 12 international stars of magic!

A Magic Festival & Magic Convention

An exclusive weekend limited to only 50 magicians! A gathering of magicians unlike any other magic convention in the world:

  • Includes 2 world-class stage shows, lectures, sessions and private events for magicians!

  • Learn incredible new magic tricks and how to polish your working material!

  • Unique lectures, sessions and events for all levels and interests

  • Opportunities to perform magic and get feedback from working professionals, plus hundreds of magic fans mean the opportunity to blow minds and get more flight time!

  • Direct access to the greatest minds in magic!

  • A convention with breathtaking views and venues. Events happening in theatres, pubs and downtown Fergus.

  • Tons of local events for spouses and families (our Township has a month-long festival of Halloween called Monster Month, lots to do for non-magicians!)

  • Award-winning dining and food options at small-town prices

  • No traffic. No parking fees. All events are a three-minute walk from Theatre.

  • Hotel discount available at Best Western in Fergus (mention magic festival and save 30)

  • Limited to only 50 magicians!

This is a weekend that's jam-packed with events, lectures, sessions and more! Don't miss out.

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