Why Magicians Should Attend The OWOW Magic Festival

Sit across the table from the greatest minds in magic! Introducing your game-changing weekend of magic. ​This sensational weekend of mind-blowing magic is your opportunity to learn from the minds of 12 international stars of magic!


OCT 24 - 27

Watch Here: Why Magicians Should Attend The OWOW Magic Festival

A Magic Festival & Magic Convention

An exclusive weekend limited to only 50 magicians! A gathering of magicians unlike any other magic convention in the world:

  • Includes 2 world-class stage shows, lectures, sessions and private events for magicians!

  • Learn incredible new magic tricks and how to polish your working material!

  • Unique lectures, sessions and events for all levels and interests

  • Opportunities to perform magic and get feedback from working professionals, plus hundreds of magic fans mean the opportunity to blow minds and get more flight time!

  • Direct access to the greatest minds in magic!

  • A convention with breathtaking views and venues. Events happening in theatres, pubs and downtown Fergus.

  • Tons of local events for spouses and families (our Township has a month-long festival of Halloween called Monster Month, lots to do for non-magicians!)

  • Award-winning dining and food options at small-town prices

  • No traffic. No parking fees. All events are a three-minute walk from Theatre.

  • Hotel discount available at Best Western in Fergus (mention magic festival and save 30)

  • Limited to only 50 magicians!

This is a weekend that's jam-packed with events, lectures, sessions and more! Don't miss out.

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Audio Transcription

Graeme Reed: It's the Oh yeah. OWOW. Magic Festival. Right. That's where we were going. Right? That's where we're going. We're going, we are plugging the piece. It is the OWOW Magic Festival. And it happens October 24th to 31st, but tags more specifically, uh, only a couple of days in there.

Ryan Joyce: That's right. 24th to the 27th or like the big show days, right. Live events will release content and stuff to make up the rest of the week cause it's also national magic week. Greg, like magicians. Technically if we've got one holiday, this is it. So we should celebrate it and we are with a week of magic. If you're in the area, we'd love you to join a, there's so many things happening at the convention, but I mean there w and we'll talk about why I think people should come. I love that. But I think on a, like a festival side of it, what makes it so special is, is a couple things is this, the setting where we are is just so beautiful is, is um, is basically the picture town with a river that cuts through it and like 80 foot, uh, limestone like walls that the river, it's just a, it's incredible. It's really incredible. The city, both of the townships.

For me, we, this is where it gets all like it's a township is not a city. Uh, we have free parking, we have very little traffic or you know, our restaurants are incredible. The uh, the, the downtown core has been revitalized because the city is literally, it's I think the second highest tourist destination or, or it's in the top four in Ontario. So the city of our last year, couple of years is really gone like all in. So there's amazing food. Uh, it just within three minutes of the theater, in fact, everything is three minutes. Ran The key, the theater, the convention space where we're going to have it is at the library and that's a 45 second walk down, a beautiful downtown and it's on the third floor of the library, which oversees the Grand River. Literally the backdrop to all of our speakers is going to be a beautiful, that setting. It's a wall of windows. It's incredible.

Graeme Reed: Which I've been coming out to Fergus a lot lately, recently to visit you so we can record the podcasts and everything and plan some of the festival. And I'll be honest, I never really explored Fergus that much. I just come to your place and, and we hang out. We've been to the theater which backs the, the, uh, the grand, which is incredible. It's amazing. I say it's the most beautiful backstage view from the best in the world. Um, so now that we've been exploring and doing promotion around town, it's, I can't believe all the different places, like all the restaurants that are right there along the river and peds. Um, everything is just incredibly picturesque, constantly, nonstop. And even the library, like I remember when you said, oh, we're going to do the library. Um, it looks so modern and cycle and just has the best view on the planet. Oh my gosh. Wouldn't expect it. And he's a person that, and then the way better than, sorry, it's, I'm just going to say it's way better than, you know, when you go to the hotel and you're just in like a hotel conference room and it's just like stale, right? This is going to be so much better. Get some fresh air, see a lot, especially during the Halloween week, which like the town goes all up. It does. We have a 31 days

Ryan Joyce: Halloween activities. Essentially all of October is monster month and there's ghost walks. There's two characters that we're trying to, maybe I shouldn't say this at secrets, but

Graeme Reed: this is secret surprises. It's full of all sorts of secret surprises. That's why you have to come and you have to register early and make sure you get a seat. And that brings in that. The point actually is that there's

Ryan Joyce: also private events for the magicians. We've got basically a, the restaurant is ours. We've, I've got a great relationship with one of the main restaurants downtown brew house right on the water. I T I kid you not, this place is going to be, you're gonna love it. We've done a lot of filming events in there and other events. So it's a great place to, uh, to do unwind. After the big gala shows, we're going to have our private events there. One of them, which is going to be a closeup show and the other is going to be a thing called, but magician versus, which is going to be a lot of fun. It's an opportunity also, we wanna throw a story. It's an opportunity to really see different types of magic. But it made me think, as I was mentioning, it made me think Peter brought up a really great idea. Um, and I, let's toss it to the, to the listeners. I'd, I'd love to open it up and maybe have a couple, three spots, maybe a four minute spots where magicians who might want to perform at a, you know, this private event with just magicians and dignitaries and things. It'll be a fun funds flow, a slot if you're interested in that, contact us, dms, DM me on Instagram would be great.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, I think that'd be super fun to see some other people if they want to. And this is a great opportunity to be able to perform in front of people like Michael close at that event, right? You're a magician versus so I'm, Yep, I'm going to be a magician versus I might have boxing gloves on. I might have barbwire wrapped around a baseball bat ready to fight. But who knows? It's all secret and it's lighthearted. So like it's not one of those like the effort is to be enjoyable and entertaining. It's not, although it is hunger games rules one person, there's only one person that at the end of the night.

Ryan Joyce: So that's right. I Dunno. That's right. Yeah. Well that sounds great. Um, I would love that. So DME on Instagram and we'll, we'll see. We'll see what the interest level is and we'll include you in that would be so fun because tell me you convention that does that. We're really trying to not, not do things different for the sake of doing things different. We're trying to do things that people actually want. So the feedback that we're getting is what we're using to create this convention. That's the goal. And so we've been asking a lot of feedback from all sorts of people and yourselves included. We want to hear your feedback. So let us know for this year and for next year's cause presumably this is going to hopefully be something we'll do here year two. Um, but let's talk about, uh, there's a fundamental, why would a magician come to the magic festival?

What makes this so different from any other festival? I'll tell you one thing that I think is number one, and that's, it's basically we're limited to 50 people. This is your chance to really have like a wonderful exclusive kind of weekend with some of the greatest minds and magic. Like we're going to sit across the table workshops. Yeah. Like the whole festival. It's all private workshops at just 50 people and then you get to experience the magic shows are the real live audience. So you're getting the real deal magic experience. I don't think men not does any other festival do it? Like this is such a small admission and get to experience the shows you have not sure. I'm not sure. Our situation is because the theater is so tiny. We want this to be a really unique experience for everybody. And we knew from the beginning it was going to be, yeah, just a quite acquaint, unique experience.

And that's part of it is we want it to be, you know, we want everyone that comes to really get the overall experience that they want at a magic convention. Right. And you can't really, it's hard to do that when there's three or 400 people. Whereas here it's really going to be a tight knit group and we're going to see the live performances, we're going to have these events and sessions. The sessions is going to be super fun. The last session on the last day, Sunday is going to be asking, or pardon me, answering the question. If you had to start over again, what would you do? And we're going to have a panel and answered at the like four different stages. And so it's going to be priceless information for any magician at every level. And so that's the just one of the one hour sessions that we're gonna have during the convention. So there's, there's the value that people will get from the knowledge and just the experience on top of the this location. It's going to be, it's going to be an amazing convention. It's going to be off the hook.

Graeme Reed: You got to make sure you register fast though because there is only 50 seats. And knowing like we talked about how many magic clubs are just in Hamilton. There's two magic clubs in Hamilton, there's one in kitchen and one in Toronto that's just local. If you're coming from outside of that, think of the many magicians that are jumping on this. So make sure you secure that seat

Ryan Joyce: super quick. That's right. And they are going fast cars and we're about to launch for the public to see. And so, and the reason it's only 50 people is this theater seats 250 so we're going to sell that out lightning fast because I'm also, oh, I've got it right here. I'm super excited about this. The, so the township is, is super thrilled, right? Because this is a big, a big thing for them in addition to the things they're already doing. And so they've really helped out and they've got a PR company that's dealing all the media for us. And so I just got a copy of it for the press release today. That's gonna start blasting out and it's, it's incredible. So it'll, it, you're about to hear about it. If you're in Ontario, you're about to hear about it everywhere. So, and we were so thrilled with all that.

We've got so many registrations already. So I, I think we've got only about half to go. So we'll get your registrations now cause these are good. These last ones go fast. It's always the last ones that go fast. So registered magic festival.ca and in the top right there's going to be one of the menu items is convention had their login and you see all the details laid out there. We didn't want to confuse the public, so that's why he got a login. It's take 10 seconds, use your Google or your Facebook. Uh, and it's just real quick before we kind of wrap it all up. I Dunno if you, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cut you up, but there are lots of

Graeme Reed: the shows going on. On the 24th there is the hypnotic comedy show that's opening night that is starring the Hilarious hypnotic Ryan David. Who's that?

Ryan Joyce: Okay. Who is that guy? Yeah. I moved into my alter ego. Somebody get your alter ego on October

Graeme Reed: 25th of variety at 7:00 PM. It's the Canadian magic champions. This features taught, uh, professional magicians from Canada. You've got Jay Sankey, Nick Wallace, Greg Frewen and Caressa Hendrix. It's going on Saturday, 2:00 PM family magic show. Oh, and Anderson, Peter many. They're still in the bill.

Ryan Joyce: We're all gonna like come in and get it to see what real workers do in real workers sets is going to be fun. Yep.

Graeme Reed: Saturday, October 26th. This is the international magic champions. You've got Stevenburg, Etsy. You got Michael Close, Paul Romani, and you got Rick Merrill. That's going to be an incredible show. I can't believe that's actually happening in Ferguson. Unbelievable. I can't believe all this is happening. Fergus and also on Sunday you can catch the family show again. Local legends, Oh, and Anderson and Peter, many

Ryan Joyce: also a great show, local, uh, top pros type performers. See how they deal and work with kids. It's going to be really good. Absolutely. There's so much to see and do at the Oh wow. Magic Festival. We're going to have a blast. And like I said, because it's just gonna be us. Uh, this is going to be a once in a lifetime kind of experience. You're not going to get this level of experience and mentorship at a big, big, big, big, big crowded convention. So come on by. It's going to be a ton of fun. There is discounted the um, best western they've given, I think it's 30 bucks off or a little bit more than $30. Just mentioned magic festival when you call and they'll give you, it's one 52 99 rather than like one 80 something. So it is a real great discount. And another little benefit because this is small town, our food is like, we have some award-winning food options.

And it's also small town prices, right? So it's not going to be $28 every meal, kind of a thing. This, I mean, this is small town joy and the traffic thing gets me going. I love that there's no traffic, but that's just me. Right? Yeah, yeah, for sure. And it's us and like if you're never going to be bored, you're never going to be bored and nothing, everything is so close. It's all in proximity. And with all the other events that are going on in Fergus too, can I tell you that much to do? There is one bomber though. Can I tell you the? This is a bummer. Um, okay. So I had a meeting with the monster month organizers last week and um, for the last 12 years they've had their monster parade. The third weekend or the second weekend, pardon me, every October. And so I knew it wasn't going to be able to be included in like any kind of festivities, but this year they moved it and it's on Saturday during our at 6:00 PM.

So if people really wanted to see the monster march, which, um, they bay is basically hundreds, hundreds of people dress up in Halloween costumes in zombies and ghosts, and they walked down the streets of, of neighboring Alora, which is five minute drive. You could still get it. That's at six o'clock. Then our show's at seven. So you could see a little bit of it in a hike over. But um, if there is a ton of stuff for family and, and spouse that don't want to see the magic convention but they want to enjoy, you know, stuff in an afternoon, in a beautiful location, there's all sorts of activities with monster month. So it's really going to be an incredible experience for everybody. And like I said, I think, I think we're just over half full already, so make sure you, you get now, because it's the last ones are going to go fast. We're just over a month away. Just the two. I must have over half full. Wow. We gotta get you gotta make sure you get a seat then. That's crazy. Yes to do. It's going to be. It's going to be great. I'm so excited. Well, I think this wraps it up for episode number 10. We hate it. Double digits. We have done 10 episodes of this podcast together. Can you believe we've done this? 10 and we're so to celebrate, we're getting, and we're doing a contest, so don't forget to go

on Instagram Magicians Masterclass. Imagine the Instagram.

Graeme Reed: You got to like the post and you gotta tag two, two friends on that post as well. And then you can win the Vanish Hardcopy a Year Edition, uh, from Paul, which we are buying with our own dollars. It's not a giveaway. Well, that's not late. It's getting away from us, but it's not going to be available. And we're just doing it for you guys.

Ryan Joyce: Double snaps for giveaways,.

Graeme Reed: But, but as always, thank you so much for listening. My name is Graeme slash Graemazing,.

Ryan Joyce: I'm Ryan Joyce. Thanks for listening. We'll see you on the next episode.

Graeme Reed: TaDoozle!

Ryan Joyce: Oh! That's right! TaDoozle!

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