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The 5 best Instagram locations in Fergus Ontario

Fergus is a very pretty town. Filled with Scottish heritage, a river that divides the community in two, and numerous waterfalls, there is a great picture at every turn. Here's five great photo opportunities in Fergus Ontario.

1. Grand River

The over 3km of the Grand River divide Fergus and Elora. In Elora, the limestone stone-cliff walls reach 70+ feet high at the Elora Gorge and Quarry. In Fergus, the cascading waterfalls can be seen from the backstage door of the Fergus Grand Theatre, Wellington County Library and restaurants along the Grand.

2. Get a great shot at Templin Gardens

The Templin Gardens is the best way to see the Grand River. Thanks to the Fergus Horticulture Society, these gardens look incredible. There are a million Instagram shots waiting for you!

3. Churches

4. Confederation Park

5. Lookout at Ferrier Park


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