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Magicians In Kitchener & Waterloo For Children Birthday Party

Are you looking for a magician in the Kitchener and Waterloo region to perform at your child's birthday party?

magician dazzles at birthday party in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario
Hire a birthday party magician in Kitchener-Waterloo

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The City of Kitchener and Waterloo in southeastern Ontario have unique festivals, events and local attractions. There is even a magic club in Kitchener that meets once a month!

From Octoberfest to Ribfest and the Multicultural Festival, the Kitchener-Waterloo region is sprawling with vibrant arts and culture.

The KW area is very magical indeed!!! So many reasons to host a magician at your child's upcoming birthday party! If you have a special birthday in Kitchener or Waterloo this year, there is no better way to celebrate than hiring a magician!

But did you know Ontario also has a magic festival down the road from KW? It's true!

The Ontario OWOW Magic Festival is only a few kilometres away in Elora & Fergus and takes place during the month of October!

There are many amazing magicians in KW for your child's birthday!

In this post, you'll find:

✅ Magicians in Kitchener-Waterloo for birthday parties

✅ Reasons why you should hire a magician

✅ Should you tip a magician?

✅ Suggestions for hosting a magician

✅ Indoor kid play areas in Kitchener to host a birthday magic show

If you are looking for magicians in the KW region who offer magic shows for children's events and birthday parties, we've assembled a list below!


Magician Birthday Party in Kitchener-Waterloo

When you are planning a party, a magician can make your day. They will entertain your guests with tricks and interaction and make the kids laugh. Some magicians also offer juggling, balloon animals or face painting.

If you are looking for a birthday magician in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, here are a few you can hire for your child's upcoming party.

List of Kitchener-Waterloo area birthday magicians :

Scott That Magical Guy performs at birthday parties in Kitchener Waterloo

Scott and his rabbit, Bess The Magical Bunny, perform family-friendly magic for children and adults alike. His act includes balloon animals and other magical feats suitable for children's birthday parties or large functions.

Five the Magician from Big Smiles Company

Be inspired by your child's delight when they witness the magic firsthand. Five the Magician offers two birthday magic show packages for parties and families in the Waterloo region.

Scott Boyd Magician in Kitchener-Waterloo

With his contagious personality and wide range of magical talents, Scott Boyd is a talented magician who will surely provide amazement and wonder to your child's party!

Magician JP Magic serves the Waterloo Region

JP is an award-winning entertainer based in Kitchener, Ontario. Incredible magic, exciting fire juggling and witty banter are reasons he continues to wow the Waterloo region crowd!

A magician for your child's birthday is a great way to entertain children and adults! Magic, birthdays and laughing go together like cake and ice cream!

Did we miss a Kitchener-Waterloo region birthday magician? Let us know in the comments, and we'll add you to our list.


Why Hire A Magician?

Magic is a powerful tool to entertain and captivate children. It's also a great way to encourage kids to read, watch and learn.

family celebrating a magician birthday party
Celebrate your child's birthday in Kitchener-Waterloo with a magician!

A magician can make your birthday child the star by involving them in one of their special magic tricks. When you chat with the magician during booking, be sure and share any unique details about your child.

Magicians can often customize what they say or do in their show to make it more special for your child.

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Should you tip a magician?

Tipping is up to you. Like any other service, it's common either way. If you think the magician did a fantastic job, it's perfectly normal to share an extra $10 or $20.


Planning a magic show birthday at home - Tips for hosting a magician!

Planning a birthday party is always a good idea to schedule one or two months before the event.

If you plan to send out digital or printed invitations, include all the essential details and ask parents to RSVP. That way, you can prepare for the big day.

Here are some tips for hosting a birthday magic show:

  • Make room for the magic show. Go through your home and clear out any clutter, especially in front of a doorway or near stairs.

  • Invite all kids to sit in front of the magician. Have all the kids sit in front of the magician.

  • Invite adults to enjoy the show too! The kids will love it if their parents join in on the fun.

We recommend checking out our guide for planning your upcoming magic show:


Where to host a birthday magic show?

You want to choose a location in Kitchener-Waterloo that accommodates all your child's friends and guests.

It can be any indoor space, from your home, indoor play space, restaurant, bowling alley, library, church or museum.

If you want an indoor play space, here is a list of areas in the Waterloo Region.

Indoor Kitchener-Waterloo birthday party venues:

Did we miss an indoor venue for birthday parties in the Waterloo region? Let us know in the comments, and we'll add it to our list!



Magicians are a great way to add excitement to your child's upcoming birthday party. Have space for the party and ensure everyone sits in front of the magician. It's also great to have some magic show birthday party decorations.

Are you wondering what to expect to pay a magician to perform at your child's party in Kitchener? Check out this page about hiring a magician.

Want some magic birthday party invitations? Check out these magical birthday party invites!


Magicians in Other Ontario Cities


That's It!

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If your child loves magic, check out the Ontario OWOW Magic Festival in October in Elora-Fergus. Subscribe to get announcements and updates.


Ryan Joyce is the Executive Director of the Ontario OWOW Magic Festival. Ryan is a professional magician, entertainer and speaker who has performed over 5000+ shows worldwide. He has appeared on Penn & Teller's Fool Us, Canada's Got Talent and every Canadian national television network. He has over 10+ million views on YouTube, Facebook and social media and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies to deliver world-class performance.

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