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Checklist For Planning A Magic Themed Birthday Party

This checklist will help you plan an amazing party! Whether you're making your DIY decorations, getting magic-themed birthday invitations sent out, or hiring a magician, staying on top of the details is essential! It's the little things that make your magic-themed birthday party a success!

Below is a checklist of all of the significant pieces of planning you need to keep in mind before the big day. Let's take a look!

Checklist for Magic-Themed Birthday

It's time to start planning your little one's big day and send out the invitations. Creating a great themed party starts several weeks ahead of the big day.

Two months ahead of the party, send out your invitations. This gives guests plenty of time to plan for the event and RSVP. And if you're planning to do something out of the ordinary—like go on a trip or have a magician come to your house—your invites should give them enough time to adjust their schedules.

We've got you covered if you don't have time to make your own invitations. Check out these magic-themed birthday invitations. All you need to do is click on one, fill in some details, and print! 🎈

Now that everyone's coming, you've got to figure out how you'll keep them occupied! One way to do this is by planning activities for kids of different ages and making sure to hire a magician for the birthday party entertainment!

Of course, no party is complete without games and magic-themed activities!

Perhaps a game of "Pin The Mustache On The Wizard" and a magic wand station will keep the kiddos occupied throughout the whole day.

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Here's an overview of the events leading to the magic birthday party. Download the full PDF checklist below.

Magician Themed Birthday Timeline Overview

Here's a quick overview of the essential steps for hosting a birthday party with a magical theme: