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Why this small community has many magicians

A small township east of Toronto has deep historic roots in the professional world of magic. But why? Why is this town secretly famous? I think the answer will surprise you. Watch now.

Why does this small community near Toronto have so many magicians?

Ryan Joyce: Today, I am working on something that very few people will actually see. That is a common magician problem, right Bob? As Robert Houdin, grandfather magic,

As a kid, I wanted either a magic kit or a puppy.

My family moved to Fergus when I was 11 or the very first time. We stopped into the historic Fergus Market where I stumbled into Peter Marucci who I later found out was at an acclaimed magician. Peter introduced me to the International Brotherhood of Magicians. They have local meetings and a mom came with me cause I was just a kid. It was at this assembly of magicians that I met Joan Caesar. She founded the Canadian Association of Magicians, which allowed Canada to be represented at the Olympics of Magic

Joan Caesar: For my eighth-ish birthday party. Mom had a magician.

Ryan Joyce: Oh my God.

Joan Caesar: And he said he was going to teach us a magic trick and he didn't. And that was, that was the end of magic as far as I was concerned. Wow.