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Why this small community has many magicians

A small township east of Toronto has deep historic roots in the professional world of magic. But why? Why is this town secretly famous? I think the answer will surprise you. Watch now.

Why does this small community near Toronto have so many magicians?

Ryan Joyce: Today, I am working on something that very few people will actually see. That is a common magician problem, right Bob? As Robert Houdin, grandfather magic,

As a kid, I wanted either a magic kit or a puppy.

My family moved to Fergus when I was 11 or the very first time. We stopped into the historic Fergus Market where I stumbled into Peter Marucci who I later found out was at an acclaimed magician. Peter introduced me to the International Brotherhood of Magicians. They have local meetings and a mom came with me cause I was just a kid. It was at this assembly of magicians that I met Joan Caesar. She founded the Canadian Association of Magicians, which allowed Canada to be represented at the Olympics of Magic

Joan Caesar: For my eighth-ish birthday party. Mom had a magician.

Ryan Joyce: Oh my God.

Joan Caesar: And he said he was going to teach us a magic trick and he didn't. And that was, that was the end of magic as far as I was concerned. Wow.

Ryan Joyce: My first really big show was that sinner, Wellington district high school. It was the beginning journey of my professional career in management.

I'm trying to establish our Township as a world-class destination for magic and magicians, 12 internationally acclaimed magicians coming right here to our own backyard. You've seen on Netflix and YouTube television shows of all around the world. They're coming right here! Presenting the first OWOW Magic festival. And so it begins, and I hope you'll follow with us on this journey, the most magical town in the world.

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