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How did Houdini Actually Die?

Harry Houdini became one of the most iconic magicians of this generation. But Houdini's life and legacy may still be a mystery to some, as the legend of the World's Most Famous Escapologist continues past his death.

Many people believe Houdini died performing his famous water tank mystery. Do you? The 1953 film starring Tony Curtis has almost re-written the legacy of one of history's most iconic illusionists.

How did Harry Houdini actually die, and what is the connection to Canada?

Here's a great short video from the YouTube Channel "Today I Found out."

WATCH: How Did Harry Houdini Actually Die?

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How Did Houdini Die?

The days leading up to Harry Houdini's death bring us to Montreal, Canada and a performance at the Princess Theatre. He was backstage nursing a broken ankle from a stunt he had performed recently and a fever.

In a stunt from McGill University, Joceyln Gorden Whitehead asked Houdini before a show if it was true he could be punched in the stomach without hurting him.

Houdini agreed, and Whitehead struck Houdini several times in the stomach before he could prepare.

A young Harry Houdini and his wife, Bess.

He was in excruciating pain; his appendix had ruptured. Houdini refused to cancel the performance, and he performed in great pain.