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A look at the Grand River in Elora & Fergus (Parks, Trails & Photos)

The Grand River Watershed in the west end of Ontario is an area of outstanding beauty and importance to the people living there. It provides a wide range of natural resources and activities. From fishing, kayaking and camping, the Township of Centre Wellington offer some of the best viewpoints of this historic Grand River.

Ontario's Grand River is a Canadian Heritage River. The Grand River is the largest in southern Ontario and one of the most important rivers in Canada. It runs 310 kilometres from Dundalk, Ontario, to Port Maitland on Lake Erie and provides drinking water to 39 municipalities, two First Nations territories and one million people in its watershed. The river covers 6,800 square kilometres from source to mouth.

Let's look at some of the sights along the Grand River in Elora & Fergus.

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Popular Elora & Fergus Viewpoints Along the Grand River

Come visit one of the most beautiful regions in Canada: Elora and Fergus! We're famous for our scenic views and incredible parks, all located along the Grand River. If you love nature, you'll love it here—whether you plan to visit for a day on a hiking trail or stay by setting up camp for a couple of weeks.

Visitors can see several different viewpoints in just one day, including Templin Gardens and Fergus, Pier Point Park and Fergus, Elora Gorge, Elora, Tooth of Time, Elora Quarry, and Elora Bissell Park and Elora and Pilkington Overlook in Inverhaugh.

We're excited to welcome you to this gorgeous region!

Here are some of the famous viewpoints and landmarks along the Grand River in Centre Wellington:

  • Templin Gardens, Fergus

  • Pier Point Park, Fergus

  • Elora Gorge, Elora

  • Tooth of Time, Elora

  • Elora Quarry, Elora

  • Bissell Park, Elora

  • Pilkington Overlook, Inverhaugh

  • See photos here!

The Grand River Conservation Authority has preserved the Grand River since 1934. At that time, industry changes and growing populations had caused significant damage to water quality.

Grand River Conservation Authority

The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) is a conservation authority established to protect and manage the natural resources within its jurisdiction for public benefit.

It carries out this purpose by undertaking flood control programs, managing conservation areas, monitoring water quality and protecting natural features. In addition, it provides stewardship services that include land management, education programs and recreational opportunities to the public.

Within Centre Wellington, many of the popular tourist destinations are maintained and operated by the GRCA.

Pier Point Park along the Grand River in Fergus, Ontario
Pier Point Park along the Grand River in Fergus, Ontario

Next, let's look at the parks and trails within Elora & Fergus.

Grand River Parks & Trails in Centre Wellington

Elora and Fergus have many incredible parks to see and explore if you love the outdoors. From Elora Gorge and the Cataract Trailway to the Trestle Trail Bridge Trailway, there's no shortage of beautiful sights to take in. If you're looking for a hike to remember, take your dog for a walk at Elora Quarry Conservation Area or Belwood Lake Conservation Area.

Parks and Trails in Elora & Fergus

  • Elora Gorge and Cataract Trailway

  • Trestle Trail Bridge Trailway

  • Elora Quarry Conservation Area

  • Belwood Lake Conservation Area

There is no shortage of beautiful picnic spots or stunning viewpoints. There are many other great parks and railways to explore within just a short drive.

Here are a few nearby parks and trails in neighbouring communities.

Nearby Parks & Trailways

  • Guelph Lake Conservation Area, Guelph

  • Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail

  • Mill Race Park, Cambridge

  • Doon Heritage Crossroads Trails, Cambridge

  • Victoria Park and the Iron Horse Trail, Kitchener

Elora Gorge

The Elora Gorge is a spectacle in the Grand River valley near Elora, Ontario, Canada.

Unlike most gorges, whose walls are made of rock and dirt, the Elora Gorge walls are made of limestone. The gorge was created over thousands of years by the Grand River.

The gorge's conservation area is a popular tourist attraction with many activities offered, including kayaking, fishing, and hiking trails.

Learn more about the Elora Gorge, photos, map and recommendations.

Belwood Lake & Shand Dam

Belwood Lake is located in Belwood, Ontario, Canada and is a popular spot for fishing, boating and swimming. A conservation area surrounds the lake.

Typical species of fish found in Belwood Lake include:

  • northern pike

  • smallmouth bass

  • carp

  • catfish

  • yellow perch

  • sunfish

  • walleye

The area along the Grand River is also home to the Shand Dam, completed in 1942. It was the first project of the Grand River Conservation Commission and was built for flood control, water supply and quality.

Learn more about the Shan Damn. Watch this video produced by the Region of Waterloo:


You can camp in a few areas along the Grand River in Centre Wellington.

The Grand River Conservation Authorities campgrounds are open from May to October, and some offer water and electrical hookups.

There are a total of 450 sites at Elora Gorge. There are 250 unserviced sites, 20 serviced sites with 15 amp electrical, 130 serviced sites with water and 15/30 amp electrical, 60 fully serviced sites with water, and 15/30 amp electrical and sewer.

There are two campgrounds sites within Centre Wellington. Here are popular camping locations:

Let's take a look at the Grand River's route with this map.


The Grand River is a vast river in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, along the western edge of the Golden Horseshoe region.

The river's upper tributaries flow through rural areas where they have been used to generate hydroelectric power. Further downstream, the river flows through urban areas where it has been extensively used for recreation, including boating and some of the best-known angling in the province.

The Grand River valley is one of Ontario's gems.

The GRCA protects more than 100 kilometres of the Grand River valley and is home to many different types of wildlife and plants. It's also one of the most important bird areas in Canada.

The best way to see the Grand River valley is by canoeing down it. You can also explore it on foot or by bike on one of its many trails. If you're looking for a place to fish, camp, or enjoy nature, the Grand River is an excellent choice!


Have a look at some of the most picturesque viewpoints in Elora & Fergus. Photos used with permission by Fergus Filming & Creative Services.


The Grand River is truly a magical place.

It's one of the best places to visit in Ontario because it offers many opportunities for fun and adventure. Whether you're looking for outdoor activities like camping or fishing or want to enjoy the view of the river from your car during a road trip, the Grand River in Centre Wellington has got you covered!


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