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A look at the Grand River in Elora & Fergus (Parks, Trails & Photos)

The Grand River Watershed in the west end of Ontario is an area of outstanding beauty and importance to the people living there. It provides a wide range of natural resources and activities. From fishing, kayaking and camping, the Township of Centre Wellington offer some of the best viewpoints of this historic Grand River.

Ontario's Grand River is a Canadian Heritage River. The Grand River is the largest in southern Ontario and one of the most important rivers in Canada. It runs 310 kilometres from Dundalk, Ontario, to Port Maitland on Lake Erie and provides drinking water to 39 municipalities, two First Nations territories and one million people in its watershed. The river covers 6,800 square kilometres from source to mouth.

Let's look at some of the sights along the Grand River in Elora & Fergus.

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Popular Elora & Fergus Viewpoints Along the Grand River

Come visit one of the most beautiful regions in Canada: Elora and Fergus! We're famous for our scenic views and incredible parks, all located along the Grand River. If you love nature, you'll love it here—whether you plan to visit for a day on a hiking trail or stay by setting up camp for a couple of weeks.