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WATCH: MonsterMentary: The Story Behind Monster Month in Elora

What began with four ghouls in the front yard of a local artist has grown into a month-long celebration of Halloween.

MonsterMentary: The Story Behind Monster Month in Elora, Ontario, is a 30-minute documentary that tells how a small town created one of the most popular Halloween events in Canada.

The short documentary film follows Tim Murton as he discovers his inner monster, Kirk McElwain, who works to bring Monster Month to Ontario. Deb Dalziel embraces her inner ghoul as our host and tour guide and introduces us to Katie Clarke, who is repairing "Nessy" at the Wellington County Museum and Archives. The Sparrows bring us to the Elora Gorge with a few young demons who introduce us to Monster March, a parade of monsters.

We're pleased to share that our magic festival's executive director, Ryan Joyce produced this video. Check out his other work here.

Watch MonsterMentary: The Story Behind Monster Month in Elora

Appearances By

  • Tim Murton - Artist

  • Kirk McElwain - Sensational Elora

  • Deb Dalziel - Elora & Fergus Tourism

  • Katie Clark - Wellington County Museum & Archives

  • The Sparrows - Monster March

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