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Jokers Comedy & Magic Theatre Opens in Richmond Hill

Jokers is a new comedy club and theatre in Richmond Hill offering guests delicious food and world-class live entertainment! But that's not all-- the York Region venue also includes an innovative dining adventure called Le Petit Chef.

Located in Richmond Hill, Joker's Theatre & Comedy Club hosts dinner and live shows every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. The 200-seat venue offers dinner and drinks and features a roster of comedians, magicians, hypnotists, celebrities, variety artists and more. Jokers also present a unique 2-hour multimedia-inspired culinary experience called Le Petit Chef that combines 3D animation and gastronomy.

The York Region comedy club has free parking and spacious seating. That's no joke!

The OWOW Magic Festival was invited to attend the VIP preview party, watch a short highlight reel and see the photos below.

It's been too long since many of us have been able to enjoy live entertainment. Comedy and magic at Jokers offer a great way to unwind and meet new people.

Let's have a look inside the theatre.

Live-Entertainment Venue

Jokers is located near the 404 and highway 7. The venue has tons of available free parking on premises and nearby shopping areas.

The outside of the building features window-sized images displaying the various types of performers and entertainment, as well as the Le Petit Chef.

Upon entrance to Jokers, you're greeted for guest registration, and around the corner is a large step-and-repeat and the venue's bar.

Jokers Theatre & Comedy Club
Stage at Jokers Theatre & Comedy Club

Joker's stage is excellent. It has a beautiful red stage curtain backdrop with a large logo. The stage is framed by two large televisions on the walls, and just beyond are two large murals of famous Canadian performers painted in black-and-white.

The seating is similar to many Vegas showrooms, with tables nearest the stage and booth seating in the rear. I sat comfortably at a table of four near the back, and could easily see the performers on the elevated stage.

The wide room seats about 200 and feels spacious yet intimate. A separate room hosts approximately forty guests for private events, functions and Le Petit Chef.

I was sitting among my magician friends, Peter Mennie, the author of Canada's Magic blog, and her husband. All of us were impressed.

Here are a few photos from within the York Boulevard comedy club.

Comedy, Magic & Variety

Jokers hosts magic-themed events on Thursdays, organized by the Toronto Magic Company. Since not all magicians are comedic, Thursday nights at Jokers are about wonder.

Comedy and variety take mainstage the remaining performance days.

Here is a list of performers showcased at Jokers:

  • Comedians

  • Magicians

  • Hypnotists

  • Variety Artists

  • Drag

  • Singers

  • Celebrities

  • and more

On the evening of the VIP sneak preview, we enjoyed several comedians and were dazzled with ten-minute performances by Steve Valentine, Jonah Babins, and Ben Train.

Actor and Magician Steve Valentine
Actor and Magician Steve Valentine onstage at Jokers

It was a great surprise to hear that Steve Valentine will be featured regularly in the private room at Jokers when he's in Toronto. Steve is an actor in TV and film, most recognized for playing Nigel Townsend on NBC's crime drama series Crossing Jordan.

He's also an acclaimed magician.

At a virtual Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM) event, I was first introduced to Steve, where he shared advanced knowledge and wisdom with CAM members.

Steve Valentine is a regular at the world famous-Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

Le Petit Chef

Le Petit Chef is an entirely different experience at Jokers. It's a multi-course dinner combined with an imaginative multimedia presentation. Over two hours, guests enjoy a five-course-culinary meal and 3D animated story-based adventure with the "World's Smallest Chef."

Here's Joker's website's description of Le Petit Chef:

An exquisite 5-course dinner crafted by our Chef Andrew Tarnowski and Le Petit Chef comes to life through a fun and engaging 3D animation on your dining table.

We were treated to Le Petit Chef's opening video sequence and a preview of the unique gastronomy journey. Mesmerizing!

The room seats six tables of forty-two guests-- all of whom were in awe.

Le Petit Chef at Jokers in Richmond Hill
The tables and plates take centre stage at Le Petit Chef

Driving to Jokers

Jokers Comedy Club & Theatre is located in York Region just off the 404 and Highway 7 in Richmond Hill.

Here's a Google map:

Address & Social Media

Jokers Comedy Club & Theatre 115 York Boulevard Unit 9, Richmond Hill, ON. L4B 3B4 905-881-JOKE


Jokers is an incredible live-performance venue and dining experience in Richmond Hill. It has comfortable, spacious seating for approximately 200 in Las Vegas showroom-style tables and booth arrangements. Enjoy dinner, a drink, and live entertainment.

The venue's roster of artists will change throughout the year, but Thursdays you can expect to see magicians and mentalists. Friday and Saturday feature comedians, variety artists, hypnotists, drag artists and singers.

You will find tons of free parking available within a few steps, and the venue is easy to find for those driving from out of town. Jokers is near 404 and Hwy 7 in York Region, close to the 407 toll road.

Visit Jokers' website for tickets and more information:


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