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Magic Festival Events APPEAR!

The OWOW Magic Festival is EXCITED to announce TWO MAGIC SHOWS this October in Elora featuring two magicians as seen on television and YouTube!

Introducing the Elora Magic Lounge at the Gorge Cinema.

This is a 55-minute magic and mentalism show happening steps away from the monsters of Elora.*

The Elora Magic Lounge features magician and illusionist Ryan Joyce and a level-seven wizard, Graeme "Graemazing" Reed. These two magicians have dazzled around the globe and host the popular magic podcast, Magicians Talking Magic Podcast.

They present a jam-packed show filled with comedy, magic, mentalist and mind-reading!

As of October 9, theatres in Ontario can return to full capacity for fully vaccinated, masked individuals. Come and join us at 9:30 pm on Saturday, October 23 & 30. Very limited capacity! Tickets are 25$ and only 30 tickets per show!

A perfect ending to an amazing day in Elora. Explore Monster Month, enjoy our area's incredible dining experiences and then experience pure wonder. Not to be missed!

Elora Magic Lounge

Saturday, October 23 at 9:30 pm

Saturday, October 30 at 9:30 pm

Gorge Cinema

Tickets: $25

*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED arrive five minutes early! You don't want to miss the pre-show that starts at 9:25! Come for the monsters, stay for the magic!

Last year we couldn't present our OWOW Magic Festival, so we produced this thirty-minute Halloween Magic Show featuring Nicholas Wallace, Joan Caesar, Mark Clearview, Graemazing Reed, and Scott Hammell. Special appearances from Tim Murton and Frederick Schuett of One Axe Pursuits.

The thumbnail you see below is Scott Hammell who is about to get suspended upside down over the Elora Gorge. Grab some popcorn, book your tickets to Elora Magic Lounge and enjoy!


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