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Amaze your friends with this easy card trick!

You too can learn this easy card trick to amaze your friends! Easy to learn and simple to perform! Learn this magic trick!

Magic has been around for centuries. It has even been associated with medieval times in stories of Merlin and King Arthur, which has made religious people believe that this was evil. And people who knew it and practiced it were considered to be heretics and were burned at the stake.

Now, who would ever imagine that magic has now gained such favourable popularity!

With more than a handful of famous magicians gaining international attention because of hit television shows like America's Got Talent, Masters of Illusion & Penn & Teller Fool Us!.

Magic has never been this much loved before. This popularity has made a lot of people yearn to learn some magic tricks. One of the most basic is the use of magic cards.

A deck of cards is one of the most common props used by magicians. There are many forms of magic tricks a person can do with a deck of cards. Here's what one aspiring magician has to learn in manipulating magic cards:

The first thing that a person must learn is how to shuffle. This is done using both hands and by having a certain amount of cards on each hand. Then alternately put one card over the other until all the cards are in one stack then put them together to form a uniform pile.

After that, one can start performing certain tricks that will both fool and amaze the audience. Some well-known magicians can make a cigarette go right through a deck of cards while others can make a card float in the air with no visible strings attached.

The most basic trick that anyone can master however is letting someone pick a card and after shuffling it, picking that same card the person selected moments ago. There are so many other tricks one can do with a deck of cards and all it takes is some time to get to know these tricks, practice them then show them off to friends.

We found this video online and thought you would enjoy it! Amaze your friends!

Other than using magic cards, there are so many other tricks, which involve other props or paraphernalia such as a coin, a hanky, or even a small ball. The use of cards in performing a trick is merely an execution of various optical illusions and manipulation, which just goes to show that the hand is quicker than the eye.

Cards can be bought at the local specialty store or ordered online. Sometimes these come with other special packages that will make tricks more fun to perform and watch.

One secret that either a newbie or an expert can benefit on while using a magic card or just about any magic props is to not reveal the secret of how the tricks are done.

These magic tricks aren't with cards, but they are fun!


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