What to Do With All That Candy: Tips for Parents

The amount of candy your kid brings home might be overwhelming! Here are a few tips and tricks with all that candy!

If your child just visits a couple of houses or goes to a party on Halloween, the amount of candy he brings home might not be overwhelming. But the average trick-or-treater brings home a huge amount of the sugary stuff, and if you have more than one child, it can seriously add up! If your children's candy bags or baskets are overflowing, visions of cavities and obesity might start running through your head.

There's nothing wrong with a little candy now and then. But the last thing we want is to have our kids gorging themselves with it for a couple of weeks. And what about the candy they don't like? Here are some things you can do with some of that candy.

  • Send your kids trick-or-treating early. When they get home, have them go through and pick out the candy they aren't particularly fond of. Put it in a bowl to give to the ghosts and goblins that show up at your front door.

  • Put some of it away to use in pinatas. If one of your children has a birthday coming up, you can use it then. Otherwise, get one for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Most candy will keep that long and longer.

  • Take some of the candy to the office and share it with your coworkers. Parents who have an overabundance of candy at home may say “no thanks,” but those who do not have children will appreciate it.

  • Save some of the hard candy for making gingerbread houses at Christmastime. That will be one less thing you have to buy!

  • Use it for baking. Chocolate bars can be crumbled up and substituted for chocolate chips in recipes. You can also use soft candy to make surprise cupcakes. Just push a piece of candy down into the batter in each cup before baking.

For many children, Halloween is second only to Christmas as holidays go. And there's plenty of fun to go around for adults, too. It's never too early to start planning ahead for the big day. Making plans and getting your costumes and decorations ready ahead of time will help make the coming Halloween one of the best ever!

Tell us your tips for making all the candy disappear!

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